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Transyt Software

Transyt Software is a traffic signal design software which is instrumental in automatic setting of its different phases as per the opposing phase. This software has a key role in optimization of signal capacity and traffic jam. The installation of this software ensures improvement in traffic signals. It enables traffic engineers to lock different stages of controllers sans affecting the signal timing optimizers, to control a number of cycle times simultaneously in a specific optimized network and to calculate the length of traffic stream and intergreens automatically by using scaled network diagram. Transyt Software also makes it possible to set timings to give preference to particular vehicles like bus.

Salient Features:
  • The library file system of this software simplifies junction construction process
  • This software assists in give-way priority controlling function
  • It simplifies and quickens the complicated procedures like comparison of alternative signal and partial signal
  • Easy to install
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Traffic Network Study Tool Software

To assess the isolated signal controlled junctions and mixed signal networks, this Traffic Network Study Tool is extensively used by the engineers in compliance with prevailing traffic rules and laws. It provides even signal optimization, updates on on-street timing plan alterations, storing flow data, audit log that help to model time verifying traffic conditions with its user friendly interface. This software is available for our clients at a competitive price.

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Scoot Software

This Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique is used for managing and controlling traffic signals in urban areas. It also provides traffic management facilities like bus priority, traffic gating, incident detention, vehicle emission estimates and on line saturation occupancy measurements. It is extensively used by the traffic controllers for minimization of traffic problems through the country with the help of various traffic management methods. It also praised for responding automatic fluctuations in traffic flow.

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Arcady Software

Traffic engineers use this Arcady Software for assessing existing layouts of traffic roundabouts and effects of modifying existing sites. Arcady is the acronym of Assessment of Roundabout Capacity and Delay. This software is capable in communicating with CAD software aiding real time design analysis through a certain methodology. It provides tools for graphically measuring roundabout geometrics and for assisting with the transfer of the traffic flow data from various sources.


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